A couple of weeks ago, theologian, seminary professor, and author David O. Taylor proposed a special episode of The Habit Podcast devoted to the writing of psalms of lament.  He wrote,

I was thinking of ways that this year’s Lent might be experienced more deeply for folks in my own community in light of all the sorrow and loss that people have experienced over the past year… There’s something uniquely beneficial to crafting our own lament psalms in order to help us to become more vulnerably present to God.

I thought a more practical, hands-on episode of The Habit Podcast was a great idea. David has developed writing workshop for his students at Fuller Seminary and for church groups in which he walks participants through the process of writing psalms of lament.

In this week’s episode of The Habit Podcast, David gives an overview of this workshop and challenges listeners to write their own psalms of lament and to share them with others.

I have made a page of resources that includes David Taylor’s worksheet to help walk you through the process, an excerpt on the Psalms of Lament from David’s latest book, Open and Unafraid: The Psalms as a Guide to Life, and a link to a guest sub-forum within the Habit forums whereby writers can share their psalms. I hope you’ll share yours.

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