S2: Ep51: Renee Mathis Teaches Writing to Writing Teachers

Renee Mathis was (is?) a Jeopardy! champion. But that’s not why I had her on The Habit Podcast. I had her on the podcast to talk about her many years’ experience teaching writing and mentoring writers through the CiRCE Institute’s apprenticeship program.

We discussed her philosophy on mentoring teachers, the teaching methods used by Jesus, rhetoric as the pursuit of truth in community, and the still-relevant application of Aristotle’s principles of rhetoric.

S2: Ep50: Reagan Dregge Writes Letters

It’s the season for writing Christmas letters. This week on The Habit Podcast, I speak with letter-writer and Habit-member Reagan Dregge.

We discuss the art of physical letter-writing, the personal attention it involves from sender to recipient, and the inherent embodiment that comes with putting pen to paper.

S2: Ep49: Randall Goodgame Invites You Into Freedom and Joy

This week on The Habit Podcast, I talk with Randall Goodgame, songwriter, TV show host, and leader of the Slugs & Bugs universe. He has a brand new Slugs & Bugs Christmas Special: Make Ready for Christmas.

We discuss the essential role of collaboration in all of Randall’s work, the importance of writing out of freedom and not out of condemnation, and the irrepressibility of childlike joy.

S2: Ep46: Crystal Downing Talks Dorothy Sayers

Crystal Downing is the co-director of Wheaton College’s Marion Wade Center and an expert on the Inklings and Inkling-adjacent authors. This week on The Habit podcast, I speak with Dr. Downing, about her new book, Subversive: Christ, Culture, and the Shocking Dorothy L. Sayers.

We discuss the dangers of Christian celebrity, the strategy of shock in Dorothy Sayers’ work, and the subversion at the very heart of the Christian faith.

S2: Ep45: Charlotte Donlon Knows What Loneliness Is Good For

In this week’s episode of The Habit Podcast, I speak with Charlotte Donlon, author of The Great Belonging: How Loneliness Leads Us to Each Other and host of the Hope for the Lonely podcast.

We discuss the two-way street between loneliness and belonging, the power of stories to de-stigmatize our loneliness, and the crucial difference between loving someone and understanding them.

S2: Ep44: Dane Ortlund Cultivates Surprise

This summer I started hearing about a new book called Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers, by Dane Ortlund. Sam Allberry called it a book “that astonishes us with the sheer abundance and capacity of Christ’s love for us. 

I read the book, and it was as good as I had heard. I very happy when Dane Ortlund agreed to be on this week’s episode of The Habit Podcast. We talk about beauty, theological correctness, and the importance of surprise in the spiritual life.

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