In this week’s episode of The Habit Podcast, I speak with Dr. Irwyn Ince, pastor and author of The Beautiful Community: Unity, Diversity, and the Church at Its Best.

We discuss the truth that beauty refuses to be possessed, the aesthetic impact of pursuing racial justice, and the joy to be found in responding to God’s calling—even and especially when that call entails “divine dissatisfaction.

  • Loraine Morrison
    10:01 PM, 24 September 2020

    What a beautiful talk this was!!! Beautiful is my favorite word and how you both developed it! I thought of Jesus saying Isaiah’s words, The Lord has anointed me to …set captives free, give beauty for ashes…when you spoke of divine dissatisfaction. He had joy beyond all his fellows bringing the true-est beauty closer to the sad realities of our true now. I love the pose of humility that curiosity puts us in, too. Curious of how to learn to love another and being happy to learn to understand differing struggles. This was so rich in every way…thank you so much!!!

  • Loraine Morrison
    10:06 PM, 24 September 2020

    Just bought his book!!!

  • Loraine Morrison
    2:28 PM, 25 September 2020

    Listening for the 3rd time… I think seeking to ignite, discover and shine the beauty of another is the definition of love. To try to use another being makes them ugly, as a machine, in our eyes, even if use seems to being a thrill, (for example porn). And the curiosity component is actually humility…I become a student of love, seeking how to help the other to flourish and thrive. JR, I wonder if this is where love becomes disordered, when it turns from one of humility and servanthood to use, then mastery.

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