He’s mild-mannered. He’s soft-spoken. He’s an officer of the law, for crying out loud. He looks for all the world like a textbook example of a civilizer. But Michael Dohanic has got a feechie twinkle. And he lives with seven alligators. “They’re fairly well contained,” he says. Which I’m sure is a comfort to his neighbors in the town of North East, Pennsylvania (which is in northwest Pennsylvania, near Lake Erie…I think that’s a nice touch).
In captivity, an alligator can grow to 12 or 13 feet. “Does that concern you?” asks his interlocutor. “Not yet,” says our Feechie of the Week. Good answer.

  • Aaron Roughton
    2:14 PM, 7 October 2010

    Several strange things about this feller. First, his “permit” from Florida that allows him to take alligators to Pennsylvania. Sketchy. Reminds me of the one armed feller who had to get a “raccoon permit.” Second, his dungeon has a title over the barred door that says something like “Institute of …..ary Science.” I’ve tried to complete the word, but I’m at a loss. Mortuary? Canary? Scary? All I know is that the town constable has a bonafide institute in his basement where he keeps all his gators. From Florida. In Pennsylvania. Hmmm.

    • Jonathan Rogers
      2:22 PM, 7 October 2010

      I didn’t notice these things, Aaron. I’m thinking ‘Mortuary Science.’ Yow!

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