It’s finally here: release day for The Charlatan’s Boy. How does one celebrate a book release? At, we celebrate with a film festival. A gratifying seventeen entries came in, each a different take on the same question: ‘Do you believe in feechies?’ These seventeen shorts (all but a few come in at less than a minute) will serve as a great warmup for The Charlatan’s Boy which (Lord willing) you can now find wherever fine books are sold.
Click here to view the Feechie Film Festival in its entirety.

  • JJ
    1:14 PM, 5 October 2010

    I had my idea for my contribution all planned out but I didn’t have time to film it. Nor do I have a decent video camera. But oh well. I may post one in the future anyway just for fun.

  • Aaron Roughton
    2:50 PM, 5 October 2010

    Those Roughton’s are a handsome lot.

  • Dryad
    3:43 PM, 5 October 2010

    I believe in feechies. They stole my video camera when I tried to capture evidence for their existence on film. This is the last time I buy a video camera to film unusual creatures.

    • Jonathan Rogers
      4:16 PM, 5 October 2010

      Oh, the irony! Sorry to hear that, Dryad.

  • Sarah B C
    5:48 PM, 5 October 2010

    Why would a feechie want a video camera? What would the motive be?

    • Jonathan Rogers
      5:57 PM, 5 October 2010

      Why do feechies do anything, Sarah? Their motives are often opaque to civilizers like you and me. But I was picturing a scenario like in the movies when a tourist is in a foreign country taking pictures and trenchcoat-clad secret police snatch away the camera and pull all the film out.

  • S.D. Smith
    9:40 PM, 5 October 2010

    Cheers, JR!

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