The Charlatan’s Boy releases five weeks from today, on October 5. By way of foretaste, I offer up the chapter titles for the first half of the book. They should give you an idea of what you can expect. So might the illustration to the left. It is the frontispiece, done by the exceedingly talented Abe Goolsby. Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Abe: he taught himself Latin, which he speaks with an Italian accent. And why shouldn’t Latin be spoken in an Italian accent? If you’re a publisher, you need to know Abe. He does great work.
Now, for those chapter titles…

Chapter 1:
In which I jump out of a box and play the Wild Man of the Feechiefen Swamp

Chapter 2:
In which we get out of the feechie trade and I begin my formal education

Chapter 3:
In which I take up a new trade and get flabbergasted

Chapter 4:
In which I find a mama

Chapter 5:
In which Floyd and me take up phrenology

Chapter 6:
In which I ruin a feller’s hairdo and nearbout get smashed for it

Chapter 7:
In which we leave a hundred villages wanting more and Floyd hits on the biggest scheme yet

Chapter 8:
In which we build a roaring machine

Chapter 9:
In which we surprise some cattle drovers

Chapter 10:
In which a singing dog causes a fistfight

Chapter 11:
In which we meet the Blossom of Bonifay, the Chalkboard Bully, and the world’s most beautiful eighty-two-year-old

Chapter 12:
In which I cause a whole new kind of rumpus at the stock market