I walked past a Subway sandwich shop in downtown Nashville the other day. In the booth by the window sat a lovely young woman in a sequined dress. She had the saddest look on her face–a look that said, “You put on a sequined dress, you expect good things to happen; you don’t expect to find yourself in the Subway eating a sandwich at two o’clock in the afternoon.”
The young woman raised her sandwich from the table, but before she got it to her lips, her courage failed her. Her face crumpled, he sandwich dropped to the formica, and she gave herself over to a piteous sobbing.

  • Canaan Bound
    5:08 PM, 27 December 2010

    …I feel like there should be more…

  • Jess
    6:25 PM, 27 December 2010

    Terrible. 🙁

  • Alassiel
    5:41 PM, 28 December 2010

    That’s so sad! You can’t just end there. Isn’t there something more?

  • Tina Lee
    3:14 AM, 29 December 2010

    I agree with the others. Will be waiting for part 2.

  • Sarah B C
    3:45 PM, 29 December 2010

    In the words of Oliver Twist, “Please, sir, I want some more.”

  • Hannah
    5:49 PM, 29 December 2010

    You left your audience wanting more, Mr. Rogers.

  • EmmaJ
    9:55 PM, 12 January 2011

    Oh, that’s terrible! What happened next?

  • Jonathan Rogers
    10:02 PM, 12 January 2011

    I think we’ll find out Friday, EmmaJ. Look for the Subway girl on Audience Participation Friday.

  • EmmaJ
    4:14 PM, 30 January 2011

    So… I had my own “Subway Girl” moment last night.
    Out of fuel and with at least one tire badly in need of an air infusion, I was on my way to the gas station when I was startled by a semi-human shaped blob moving along the side of the road. It was dark, but as I got closer, I could just make out the figure. Fully clothed in camouflage gear, with a huge pack (also camo) on his back, he was jogging. In the dark.

    I chose the gas pump on the outside so as to catch a better glimpse when he came through the Chevron. He gave himself a little break from running and walked into the parking lot, past the pumps and the gaudy lights of the store. It was a quick, purposeful walk. I had a sort of crazy inclination to ask the guy what he was doing, but decided against doing so lest it prove unwise.

    He passed through the station without stopping and re-started the jog on the other side. It’s a free country. You can jog in camo if you want, you can jog in the dark if you want, and you can wear a huge, heavy pack while you’re doing it. You sure can. But I’m still curious as to the attraction of this activity. An extreme dedication to fitness?? Training for espionage? A coping mechanism for withdrawal from the rigors of military life?? Who can say.

  • Canaan Bound
    5:17 AM, 31 January 2011

    EmmaJ, I think it was probably perhaps most likely Aaron Roughton.

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