The Charlatan’s Boy comes out in just over a month. In the meanwhile, you can read the first two chapters at These are images of the pages as they appear in the book, so you can see the interior design–the fonts, the chapter headings, the illustrations, etc. There’s even a map of Corenwald. Oh, and sorry about the ads. They can’t be helped.
Again, here’s that link. I hope you’ll have a look and tell me what you think.

  • JJ
    3:52 PM, 3 September 2010

    Would you recommend reading The Wilderking Trilogy before this book? I finished book 1 a few months back (it was excellent) but wonder if I should finish 2 and 3 before reading this. Or is a standalone story in the same “universe”?

    • Jonathan Rogers
      4:01 PM, 3 September 2010

      Hey, JJ–I’m glad to hear you liked the Bog Owl. It’s not at all necessary that your finish the other two Wilderking books before reading The Charlatan’s Boy. As you put it, it’s a standalone story in the same universe. On the other hand, you’ve got a month…plenty of time to read The Secret of the Swamp King and The Way of the Wilderking.
      You should, however, finish my biography of Saint Patrick before readingThe Charlatan’s Boy.

      I’m kidding.

  • JJ
    4:45 PM, 3 September 2010

    Thanks Jonathan. I’ve had the trilogy for awhile but it’s taken awhile to get through them (I’ve started far too many books). Since I’ve changed my reading habits to one book at a time I plan on tackling them next when I finish my current book (Tunnels by Brian Williams and Roderick Gordon). When I was nearing the end of Bark of the Bog Owl and finally caught on to the similiarities to King David, I nearly fell out of my chair and pretty much smiled through the rest of the book. Brilliant.
    Hopefully you’ll be at Hutchmoot 2011. I plan on attending (sadly my wife will be staying home to watch our son). I promise not to go all fanboy weird on you. Maybe we can gang up and get Sam (Smith) to publish his works for the world.

    I’ll definitely check out Saint Patrick. When I discover a great author I tend to try and snatch up all his/her books. Which means I need to see what else you’ve written. 🙂

  • sally apokedak
    11:40 AM, 7 September 2010

    😀 Jonathan, you ARE a natural at this Internet marketing stuff.
    JJ, one does not tackle Wilderking books. One sits back and allows oneself to be tackled by the books. They assault you with wit and wisdom while you sit back and laugh.

    Try reading them aloud. With feeling. 🙂

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