It occurs to me that some of you may wonder why you aren’t seeing The Charlatan’s Boy on store shelves. The release date, after all, was supposed to be August 10. The release date is now October 5. This is a good thing. I turned in the manuscript very late–so late, in fact, that Waterbrook’s sales, marketing, and publicity teams didn’t really have time to pave the way for the book in the way that they would have liked to. So they moved the date to give themselves more time to do what they need to do–getting reviews, lining up bookstore orders, etc.. The people at Waterbrook and Random House might have said “Too bad” and let the book limp out into the world. But they believed in The Charlatan’s Boy enough to back up and take their time. For which I am very grateful.

  • Donita K. Paul
    6:54 PM, 24 August 2010

    I can’t wait to read this. I’ve got it on my list.

    • Jonathan Rogers
      6:58 PM, 24 August 2010

      Thanks, Donita. I think you’ll like it. Feechies and cowboys in the same book.

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