If you’ve read The Secret of the Swamp King, you might remember Branko’s love song. Heretofore, the “song” has actually been a poem. Enter Jonathan Barnes of Nashville, a man with feechie tendencies of his own. He set Branko’s words to music. Here he is performing Branko’s Love Song:

  • Fellow Traveler
    11:21 PM, 19 September 2011

    For some reason, I was suddenly reminded of Mark Lowry’s “The Date Adventure”:

  • Jprgnrpl
    12:23 AM, 29 September 2011

    Mr. Barnes, we hope you will also do “The Thing That I Done”!

    • Jonathan Barnes
      3:42 AM, 30 September 2011

      not sure if I can hum that long . . . 

  • Atew
    8:40 PM, 29 September 2011

    My personal favorite is “My Darling Wears Curlers to the K-Mart, but Oh, I Love her So”.  Can you believe that one has never been recorded?

  • fnp 45
    3:41 AM, 11 November 2011

    Hi Jonathan,
    Lovin the fur hat.

    Absolutely Classic.

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