The World According to Narnia, my 2005 examination of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia books, is out of print, but I recently found twenty or so copies that I am making available here on the website. Like all the books sold here, these will be signed by the author–which is to say, me.
You may remember that I published the Voyage of the Dawn Treader chapter here on the blog a few months ago in a five-part series. You can read that excerpt by clicking here.

The World According to Narnia was well-received by critics, including this one from Booklist:

Rogers, the author of the Wilderking fantasy series, takes a serious look at C. S. Lewis’ Narnia novels, teasing out the Christian theology through close textual analysis of each book in turn. In an engaging style, Rogers simply and swiftly retells each story and highlights where the novels speak to the message of the Gospels. He argues convincingly that imagination combined with faith drives the Narnia chronicles, giving substance to our “yearning for something beyond ourselves.” He also notes that it is a delicious irony that Lewis “so carefully constructs a world of metaphor in order to insist that the God of the Bibles is not mere metaphor.” With a live-action film version of the novels soon to debut, the land of Narnia will once again be in the spotlight; those needing a travel guide to Lewis’ world could do no better than this eminently readable combination of literary criticism and religious scholarship.

Ilene Cooper
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Here, again, is that link to the store, where you can get signed copies of The World According to Narnia (and the rest of my books too).

  • Jess
    4:06 PM, 4 April 2011

    Now, I have a question. How come we can’t buy The Way of the Wilderking on here or the Rabbit Room? Is it out of print, too? 🙁

  • Fellow Traveler
    3:26 PM, 5 April 2011

    What I find most sad is watching Christian people who seriously believe there are problems with these books. I’ve got one friend who may not go as far as some people but still accuses Lewis of “syncretism” by using magic at all. Particularly bothersome to him is the fact that there are places where so-called “neutral” magic is included—magic that isn’t evil but isn’t specifically tied to the Christ figure (Aslan) either (e.g. the Dufflepuds). My friend believes this is wrong because it’s “impossible for magic to be neutral.”
    Just sad. Now personally, I think the Harry Potter books are a different story (but don’t hop on me guys, okay?)

  • Jonathan Rogers
    4:56 PM, 5 April 2011

    Hey, Jess. The status of The Way of the Wilderking is sort of a long story. It’s not technically out of print, but it is out of stock–completely out of stock–and while the publisher is trying to decide how exactly to proceed they are (understandably) reluctant to print more. They might, for instance, flip the trilogy to paperback, or they might do an omnibus of the three Wilderking books together. Or I suppose it’s possible that the trilogy will go out of print. But for the time being, there aren’t any Way of the Wilderkings to be had new. I notice there are some used ones available at Amazon. I wish I had better news, but there it is…

  • Jess
    9:12 PM, 5 April 2011

    Thank you for clearing that up, Mr. Rogers. I hope the trilogy doesn’t go out of print. (Do you think it would help for me to parade around my town with a sign, “Do YOU know what a feechie is?”) Well, for now I’ll take a peek at Amazon. I do want to own it. 🙂

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