Andrew Peterson is so smart and thoughtful and and gifted and insightful that I drop his name every chance I get. Have I mentioned that we’re friends? And not just on Facebook. I commend to you, dear reader, his essays on wealth, work, creativity, and calling at the Rabbit Room. I hope you’ll read them. Today’s piece, “The Extravagant Gamble” explains some of “the nitty gritty nuts and bolts behind trying to make a living as an artist.” You may not be trying to make a living as an artist, but you still ought to read it. Here’s a sampling…

…It is my job, in the words of George MacDonald, “to better what I can.” Look around you. See the sorrow and weariness in the world, in your own community and church, under your own roof–in your own heart, for Heaven’s sake–and better what you can. Let Christ lead you; he’ll show you how. If you’re wealthy, keep your job and fling the money at those who are bringing water to the thirsty. If you’re not wealthy, better what you can. Work your field. Tend your family like a garden. Write a song about your story. Write a story. Better yet, live a story. Makesomething beautiful, and make something beautiful of your life. There’s so much in the world that’s falling apart, so put something together. Find a way.

Oh, man. It’s good stuff. Here’s that link again:

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