I know. It’s late in the day. But it’s still Friday–Audience Participation Friday. I got an email today from Charles Atkinson, a regular around here, bringing to my attention a post on his own blog about the importance of feasting in The Lord of the Rings. His post summarizes and highlights an excellent post on a blog called The Other Journal.
And it got me to thinking. Food and feasting aren’t just important in Lord of the Rings. They’re important in all kinds of stories. Dickens loved to describe meals. So did Rabelais and Miguel de Cervantes and C.S. Lewis. And then there are the great food movies, like Ratatouille and Babette’s Feast.

What are your favorite meals in fiction, and why? Since I’m getting this up so late on Friday, we’ll let this APF hang around until Monday. Bon apetit!