The stuff that used to be in our attic is now on our back driveway, stacked on shelves, covered by tarps. Today we’re going to put prices on the stuff (Priced to move!), and tomorrow we’re hoping strangers will come by and give us money for it (Strangers only, please; I don’t want any friends seeing this junk…also, I have an irrational fear of accidentally selling things that I borrowed from friends and forgot to return). We’re having a yard sale. If you want to dress exactly like I did fifteen years ago, now’s your chance.
A yard sale puts one in a philosophical mood. One wonders, for instance, about the alchemy by which a thing changes from a possession to mere junk to be hauled off or (hopefully) purchased by a stranger. One wonders about the reverse alchemy by which mere junk to be hauled off is transformed again into merchandise. Here is recycling in a pure form. Unless, of course, a person who buys my junk simply adds it to his own junk pile rather than getting any use out of it–something that I suspect happens pretty often.

Today’s Audience Participation Friday topic is junk. Let’s hear your stories and well-thought-out opinions about yard sales, salvage yards, re-gifting, and treasures found among trash. Here’s one: my sons, while playing in a construction dumpster, once found two fifty-dollar bills in two little gold gift boxes. You may ask why my boys were playing in a construction dumpster. If so, you probably don’t have boys.

I will also welcome tips for making more money at a yard sale.