As the old saying goes, ‘Prenology is always relevant.’ Those of you who have read The Charlatan’s Boy and remember Grady and Floyd’s phrenology act may be interested in this picture from the liner notes of Steve Martin’s upcoming bluegrass CD:

If you’re so inclined, you can see all the liner notes for Mr. Martin’s CD (to be released two weeks from today) here.

  • Jess
    2:24 AM, 2 March 2011

    Ha! Who’da thunk? 🙂

  • Dan Kulp
    1:29 PM, 2 March 2011

    I saw this a few months ago and still chuckle at it.Steve Martin – “Atheists Don’t Got No Songs”

    I find Steve Martin to be quirky & clever. I know he turns some ppl off.

    Yoi. To be tempted by another CD.

    I’m trying to think of an analogy Steve Martin:Ron Block = comedy:theology. Banjo is just a given for both.

  • sally apokedak
    2:20 PM, 2 March 2011

    I love Steve Martin.
    And loved that song, Dan. I’d never heard it before. And I think there’s something to it. My dad was ordained in the Reformed Presbyterian Church and in his later years, he apostatized…or maybe he just strayed far and returned at the very end. (I hope that was the case). I should have seen it coming, I guess, way back. He was always sitting around in his boxers watching football.

  • JJ
    2:40 PM, 2 March 2011

    Hmm, I wonder what part of his brain King Tut lives.

  • Hannah
    3:20 PM, 2 March 2011

    Steven Martin didhave a picture of his head
    not the outside, but the inside
    with nothing there to hide

    Sorry for the clerihew–I know you’re all tired of them–but I couldn’t help it! 😉

  • Rob
    7:13 PM, 11 March 2011

    Have you ever heard of a nephrologist? A kidney doctor. I had to see one, and after reading The Charlatan’s Boy, my mind cannot keep the first five letters straight. I have told more than one person that I saw a phrenologist.

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