As I left the Kroger last night, I pulled up short. Right there, blocking the exit, were a couple of very cute little girls in green uniforms, hawking cookies. And I had no cash. I ran through my options…I could pretend not to see them. But there was no missing them. They were RIGHT THERE. I could pretend I had forgotten something and duck back into the store and go out the other exit. But for all I knew, there was another detachment of Girl Scouts at the other exit. They run a tight ship, you know, and I imagine they had planned for any number of contingencies. I could distract their attention by putting them on the defensive: “I don’t even believe you make these cookies yourselves,” I could say (which is true; I don’t think they do). But the last thing I wanted was to match wits with Girl Scouts. They can be pretty cagey. I decided it was best just to tell the truth. “Sorry, ladies,” I said. “I don’t have any cash.” They gave me a doubtful squint. I turned my pockets inside out to show them they were empty. [Author’s note: I made that last part up.]
Anyway, I survived that run-in with the Girl Scouts and made it safely home. And just when I had managed to put the whole thing out of my mind, I checked my email inbox, where I found the following from a blog reader named Kristen:

“I think a future APF Poetry Challenge should involve Girl Scout Cookies. I’d love to see an epic about a Thin Mint.”

I think that’s a brilliant idea. So today’s topic is Girl Scout cookies. A poem, a reminiscence, an amusing anecdote, a fictional story, an epic, a mock epic, a painful memory…turn your imagination loose. Kirsten has high hopes for this day. Please don’t let her down.