View from Window Seat 32A

Clouds shaped as:
Ploughed rows
A box of cinnamon rolls
Waves breaching, breaking
On the open earth below

The earth:
A quilted patchwork
Shades of soft browns
Perfect squares and circles
Stitched together
By dirt roads
And scattered white windmills

Terraced lines
Reveal hills tamed
Clusters of silver black dots
Mark towns and cities

A wavering dusty line:
A river like a writer’s signature
In faded ink

Colleen McBride

Colleen McBride

Colleen McBride

Colleen McBride grew up as the oldest of six children in a military family. She enjoys the mobile lifestyle and is currently a traveling medical sonographer working at short-staffed hospitals around the United States. She enjoys spending time with her family, exploring various locales, and finding wonder wherever she goes.

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