She told me you’d come and visit my dreams,

Said No fear, for in sleep he’ll draw near, so

I’ve been waiting.   Have you forgotten to stop by?

Or was it Your touch on my traps — twisting tension

Bedding down  lodging deep in my neck, like

A limp for the head.   Lately nights toss

Interminable with striving, sleep evading, skull

Upon a rock.   Night after night   exertion

Blinding bleeds of sweat, and  Is this over yet? When.

Will this mismatch end,   let go my sheets, extend

Release — a surrender — no more to pin for position,

No more to strive for peace

Lee Kohman

Lee Kohman

Lee Kohman

Formerly inhabiting Durham, NC, Lee recently moved to Nairobi, Kenya with her husband and three daughters. She teaches her beautiful girls at home and enjoys glimmers of God through nature, stories, friendship and chasing words onto the page. She loves to laugh and make merry and participates regularly in some seriously silly antics. Her work has recently appeared in Heart of Flesh Literary Journal.

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