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The Habit is a library of online writing lessons created by author and teacher Jonathan Rogers. It is also a hub of community for writers of all skill levels. Members have unlimited access to the ever-growing library, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Grammar for Writers—A 42-lesson practical survey of English grammar. Grammar for Writers equips writers to compose better sentences and diagnose writing problems .
  • Line Edits—A series of short videos in which Jonathan discusses a piece of student writing, walking through his suggested revisions.
  • Live Webinars—Real-time teaching on writing topics suggested by members.
  • The Habit Forum—In the forum area of The Habit, members ask questions about writing, get advice, discuss writing topics, and give each other a little more courage.
  • Office Hours—At least twice a month, Jonathan holds office hours via videoconference. Members of The Habit log on to discuss whatever writing issues are on their minds.
  • The Habit Book Club—Members of The Habit read and discuss books on writing. At any given time, a book club will usually be in progress.
  • Writing Prompts—There’s a new writing prompt every other week. Members write to the prompt, post your work here, and respond to one another’s work.

New content and/or new events are added to The Habit on a weekly basis.

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