first published by Ekstasis - Winter collection

the last note of 
the old organ lingers
holding on to 
its own, long history—

the room fills with
that heavy, 
postlude pause— 

and the humble
murmurs of men
pour into 
the empty space—

pasteurized pleasantries 
float the balcony—
down the aisle—
through the stairwell—
to the sidewalk.

(I listen, yearning for the quiet)

yet the saturated sounds,
the simple harmonies of
family chatter,
suddenly surprise—


whisking with the hour’s 
moist notes 
and wisdom-wet words,
softening my spirit—

stirring curdled anxieties
and clotted choler
and lumped regrets 
into batters of belief— 

the music of the murmur 
melds with Sabbath melody;
and its truth solidifies— 
incarnating into 
a full feast.

Lee Kiblinger

Lee Kiblinger

Lee Kiblinger

Lee Kiblinger is a teacher and late blooming poet from Tyler, Texas, where she spends her time devouring novels, grading essays, laughing with three teenagers, and enjoying poems with The Habitation poets. Her work can be found in Calla Press, Kosmeo Magazine, Ekstasis Magazine, and Heart of Flesh.

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