Instagram Day


We made a day of it, 
You and I, sitting tucked
Into the cobblestone alley
Overlooking the garland-decked square. 
As we laughed over stone-baked pizza—
Its thin crust folded in half to contain
The cheesy goodness—we reminded
Ourselves in that colorful courtyard
Of who we were created to be. 
In sunshine and small talk 
We enjoyed the gift of this 
Unlikely friendship: two women 
As different as gin and a cup 
Of black tea. We are an odd pair,
The two of us, exploring the city
Through flower carts and borough markets, 
Buskers and galleries of the finer arts, 
Laughing as we pose—you staring 
Down Mr. Bean, while I dance 
In the rain with Gene Kelley—
Before strolling down the river Thames
For a cider and a lemonade, then
Parting ways for a night on the town
And a quiet evening curled up at home. 

Becky Hunsberger

Becky Hunsberger

Born a Colorado girl, Becky now lives in the UK. A teacher without a classroom and homebody turned global leader, Becky makes sense of the many paradoxes in her life through her poetry (sometimes found on her blog The Sojourner).

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