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What is The Habit?

Are you looking to grow as a writer and connect with others who share your passion? The Habit is an ever-growing library of teaching resources from author Jonathan Rogers.

Online courses, short videos, webinars, discussions, writing prompts, critique groups, podcasts, and other helps will guide you on your journey toward excellence.

But even more importantly, The Habit is a hub of community where like-minded writers can connect, discuss, and give one other just a little more courage.

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The Habit Weekly is a free letter about writing from Jonathan Rogers. Every Tuesday morning you’ll get practical writing advice and the encouragement you need to keep moving forward on your writing journey.

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The Habit Blog is the archive of The Habit Weekly. It is a trove of insight, wisdom, and practical advice on a variety of writing topics.


The Market Economy, The Gift Economy

This week’s episode of The Habit Weekly is a re-post (cross-post? Is that the term of art?) of an essay of mine that appears this week over at The Rabbit Room.


Joy Clarkson Thinks You Are a Tree

Joy Clarkson is the author of Aggressively Happy and host of the podcast, Speaking with Joy. She is the books editor for Plough Quarterly and a research associate in theology and literature at King’s College London.


Peculiarity. Idiosyncrasy. Idiocy.

In this week’s episode of The Habit Podcast, Brian Brown brings up Isaac Watts’s hymn “Jesus Shall Reign” (one of my favorites). Particularly, Brian speaks about these lines, which sound a little funny

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Comparing Notes is a podcast in which Jonathan Rogers discusses writing with other writers. Comparing Notes is part of the Rabbit Room Podcast Network.

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Every month, Jonathan Rogers hosts an hour-long webinar on writing. The webinar is free and open to all. Recordings of the monthly webinars are added to The Habit resource library, where members have access at any time.

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