Writing With Mark Twain:

A Six-Week Writing Course


Join author and teacher Jonathan Rogers as we read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer together and examine Mark Twain’s writerly methods and techniques.


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In Writing with Mark Twain we will read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer together and examine Mark Twain’s writerly methods and techniques. Then we will apply those methods in our own writing.

Writing with Mark Twain includes six 90-minute live lectures* via Zoom, as well as a dedicated online forum for discussion and writing exercises. 

*Recordings of the lectures will also be available for learners who can’t attend the live lectures.

Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Dialogue
  • Dialect
  • Narration and Point of View
  • Setting
  • Character
  • Moving from anecdote to fiction
  • Conflict
  • Contrast and Juxtaposition
  • The uses and misuses of local color

Tuesdays, September 20 to October 25, 2022

Student Cohort: 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. Central
Adult Cohort: 3:00 to 4:30p.m. Central

Cost: $79

Intended Audience:
Adults, High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers

There are two “cohorts” of Writing With Mark Twain–one for adults (college-age and up), and one for high-school and middle-school students.

The course content is the same for either cohort, but the two cohorts will attend separate lecture/discussions and participate in separate forums. Adults will be interacting with adults, and students will be interacting with students.

Please register for the appropriate cohort.

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Weekly Workload

Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
All page references will come from the Penguin Classics paperback (Order: IndieboundAmazon)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (6 chapters, approx. 40 pages per week)

One 500-word writing exercise per week

One live 90-minute lecture/discussion via Zoom

Throughout the week, learners will discuss the reading, the lectures, and their writing exercises in a dedicated online forum.

Reading Plan

September 20:
Chapters 1-6

September 27:
Chapters 7-12

October 4:
Chapters 13-18

October 11:
Chapters 19-24

October 18:
Chapters 25-30

October 25:
Chapters 31-35

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About the Instructor

Jonathan Rogers is the author of The Wilderking Trilogy, The Charlatan’s Boy, The Terrible Speed of Mercy, and other books. 

He hosts The Habit Membership, an online library of teaching resources and gathering place for writers. He also hosts The Habit Podcast and teaches and encourages thousands of writers every Tuesday through The Habit Weekly newsletter. 

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